Chatting with Royalty – Pacific Region REAC Chair meets the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Patricia Woroch recently shared this experience with us. We love receiving stories from our partners, stakeholders, and volunteers. Thank you Patricia!


Patricia Woroch is co-chair of the Pacific Region’s Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committee and runs the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISSofBC). They serve the settlement, training, and integration needs of newcomers from all over the world through career, settlement, and language programming aimed at better preparing immigrants and refugees for their lives in Canada.


While Patricia’s work often helps offenders who may be in need of the services ISSofBC provides, she and her colleagues support over 25,000 clients each year from all walks of life. In fact, in September two very important visitors came to visit Patricia and her colleagues at ISSofBC to learn more about the work they do. And they just happened to be the future King and Queen of England.


Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, spent one hour with Patricia, asking about all aspects of ISSofBC, including their work to settle recent Syrian refugees. They did so as part of their broader visit to western Canada. For Patricia, it was an honour to host the royal couple.


“They were thoughtful, engaged and knowledgeable,” says Patricia. “They asked thought-provoking questions, were extremely polite and down to earth, and very gracious with their time. At one point I was talking to them and caught myself thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, the future king and queen are listening to me!’”

We wish Patricia and her colleagues at ISSofBC all the best as they continue their efforts to help immigrants and refugees in need.

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