Aventa Centre of Excellence for Women with Addictions Wins Leadership Award


Established in 1970, the Aventa Centre of Excellence for Women with Addictions (Aventa) has a long-standing, distinguished reputation for providing evidence-based, holistic addiction treatment services for women. Their work was just recognized by the Government of Alberta with a leadership in community justice award.


Aventa opens its doors to serve the most vulnerable women suffering not only from addictions, but a host of other mental and physical health challenges, making them some of the most difficult and complex clients to treat. They recognize the impact that trauma has had on women’s lives, and have developed a framework based on gender-responsive policies and practices that address family of origin concerns, sexism, racism, relationships, interpersonal violence, past abuse, sexuality, and self-care. The program is client-centered, working with each woman to build safety plans and a path to personal resilience based on their individual experiences. 


Inclusivity is built into all of Aventa’s programming, which includes stabilization, short-and long-term residential services, a young adult program, programs for pregnant women to assist them in the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, life and health skills programming, and after-care programming.


Clients tend to be a highly stigmatized population, with connection to the justice system, both as offenders and as victims of crime. In this, Aventa has worked in close partnership with CSC for over 23 years helping women on temporary release, day parole, and/or full release, working to successfully integrate them back into the community. Other community partners include Alberta Health Services, the Calgary and Edmonton Drug Treatment Courts, and Alberta Justice and Solicitor General’s Community Corrections and Release Program.


Aventa has been recognized with a number of awards, including the Government of Alberta’s Human Services Inspiration Award for Leadership in Family Violence Prevention, the Canadian Centre of Substance Abuse (CCSA) Award of Distinction for Excellence in the delivery of addiction treatment services, and the Bhayana Family Foundation Collaboration for Mental Health Employment, Substance Abuse and Housing. Congratulations to Aventa on their achievements in helping women. 

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