Blueprint 2020 at CSC: The Hashtag Edition


Welcome to CSC’s latest Blueprint 2020 report! We call it our “Hashtag Edition” because we have taken this opportunity to showcase how #Weareinnovative, #Weareproud, #Wearecollaborative, and #Wearehighperforming. 


As we laid out in our January 2015 report to the Clerk of the Privy Council, Blueprint 2020 has taken root at CSC. Supporting innovation in all aspects of our work, and creating a work environment that is healthy, respectful, and supportive is a priority for our organization. I am proud to report that Blueprint 2020 and all that it represents is truly engrained within CSC. 


One good example of this is that our action plan for addressing employee feedback in the 2014 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) has been combined with our Blueprint 2020 initiatives. Simply said, they are one in the same. Blueprint 2020 isn’t just another initiative to us. It is something we have built into our organization’s plans for growth and improvement going forward. 


This report will show you how through concrete examples, starting with the very mechanism through which we have presented it to you. This website is called Let’s Talk Express, and is a brand new product that we launched on September 28, 2015 for CSC staff. It is our internal newsletter that highlights good news stories from within our organization. We developed this product to be a fresh, modern, interactive, and efficient communications tool for our staff and we are happy to share it with you today. 


From here, you are invited to visit the “Highlights” section of the website where we have featured initiatives that demonstrate transformation and modernization efforts at CSC, followed by the “In Your Own Words” section where CSC employees talk about what Blueprint 2020 means to them. We have also put a call out to employees via the "For You" section for them to share more stories about innovation taking place across the country. 


I am proud to present to you these examples of everyday excellence happening at CSC. Enjoy!   


Don Head
Correctional Service of Canada


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