Celebrating International Children’s Book Day


In an effort to spread the love of reading to children, and in recognition of International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) on April 2nd, the Women Offender Sector held a book drive at National Headquarters to collect new and gently used children’s books for women’s institutions. Since 1967, ICBD is held annually around fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. ICBD is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children's books.

In the span of five weeks, an astonishing 635 books were donated. That’s enough books to cover the surface area of a cubicle. Given the amount of donations received, books were also sent to several Women's Supervision Units.

Whether it was the lure of being included in the draw for one of the “Leaving Kingston Penitentiary” posters, or a way to do some spring cleaning and clean out their children's bookshelves, the support from CSC staff was truly amazing. Donations were provided by staff, friends, families, neighbours of staff and even a local school.

The giving spirit is alive and well. Books were dropped off by the bagful, boxes, and even a wagon in one instance. And it’s not just the Women Offender Sector and the staff at the institutions who would like to thank you, but also the mothers and the children themselves too (text provided in its original language). 


The books will be used by mothers and children in the Mother-Child units, as well as in the institutional libraries, visits area, and for use in the Mother-Child Read Aloud program. 

In addition to being able to bond with their children over a book, the women at the sites will also benefit as we also received a generous donation of four large boxes of books for the inmates.

Congratulations to the winners of the draw for the posters:

⦁    Julia Scott
⦁    Sylvie-Ann Lavigne
⦁    Yvonne Stys
⦁    Rosemary O’Brien

Thank you again for everyone’s support for the Women Offender Sector children’s book drive at NHQ!

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