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Remember when we told you about Coaching Circles in our last Blueprint 2020 report? Well, we are ready to launch them! A memo has been drafted for CSC’s Executive Committee, a registration form has been created for interested employees, and a Coaching Circles guide is ready to be used for training purposes. This is happening and the Blueprint 2020 Human Resources Ginger Group who came up with the idea couldn’t be more excited. 


A coaching circle is a small group of individuals with common goals who want to work on those goals in a supportive and motivating environment. All members have their turn in the “hot seat” during which the rest of the group serves as that person’s Board of Advisors. Group members offer each other honest feedback, brainstorming, cheerleading and much needed truth-telling.

Coaching circles combine the power of peer learning and comprehensive development in coaching to support employees in creatively tackling the issues and challenges they face on a daily basis, while practicing coaching skills needed in the workplace. Coaching circles also help develop and maintain effective leadership skills and competencies, which require considerable self-analysis and reflection.  


The Golden Rules of coaching are:


  • Coaching is grounded in confidentiality and trust.
  • The solution to the coachee’s issue/challenge lies within the coachee.
  • The coach’s role is to ask powerful questions to help the coachee arrive at their own conclusion. 
  • The coachee should have a clear goal for their session. There should be no predetermined judgment or fixed agenda by the coaches.
  • The coaches and coachee are equal partners in the conversation.
  • Coaching deepens the coachee’s understanding of a particular issue/challenge so that they can look to the future and next steps.


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Coaching Circles

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