June recap with Interim Commissioner

Commissioner's Corner

The month of June was filled with announcements, special weeks and days as well as interesting meetings. I hope that you took the opportunity to celebrate National Public Service Week. Together we have accomplished a great deal in the last year and you should all be proud of what you contribute to the organization and the impressive public safety results you deliver. Please know that I am extremely appreciative of your work every day. 

A Change of Command ceremony took place in Laval, Québec on June 11 to welcome incoming Regional Deputy Commissioner Alessandria Page and to thank outgoing Regional Deputy Commissioner Alain Tousignant. Thank you to all the staff for organizing this event, it was a very beautiful ceremony at the staff college.

I've received a few questions from staff about the Federal Framework on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Act, that received Royal Assent on June 21, specifically which employee groups will be represented in this framework, as the wording used in the Bill simply states corrections personnel. This wording is understood to broadly mean front line officers of the Correctional Service of Canada but we will provide more clarification in the coming months as we get more details.

The Cannibis Act and the Gender Equality Week Act also received Royal Assent on June 21. We will continue to keep you updated and make sure you are provided with the appropriate resources related to this legislation as they become available.

June was National Indigenous History Month and June 21 was National Indigenous Peoples Day. Both were an opportunity to celebrate the unique heritage and cultures of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in Canada. If you haven't already, please take a look at the Kikeway Wig or the Inuit Carvers videos. Both of these videos showcase the importance of culture within healing and rehabilitation of Indigenous offenders.

I had the pleasure of attending a Union of Safety and Justice Employees (USJE) Indigenous roundtable on June 21 along with the Senior Deputy Commissioner and the Assistant Commissioner of Correctional Operations and Programs. The roundtable brought together employees from across the country to discuss the challenges they are currently facing and to work on identifying solutions to better support the rehabilitation and reintegration of Indigenous offenders.

Many events took place at CSC throughout the month. On June 21, we announced the reopening of penitentiary farms at Joyceville and Collins Bay Institutions. This is an exciting new beginning for our penitentiary farms that will allow us to further develop meaningful employment opportunities and skills for our offenders.

On June 28, with our partners, we announced the launch of a the Saskatoon Community Industry in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This vocational training and employment services centre is another great opportunity for us to provide offenders with training and transitional employment opportunities while they work towards successful reintegration.

We also announced on June 29 the official opening of CSC's interim National Training Academy at the Correctional Learning and Development Centre in Kingston, Ontario. Plans are underway for the construction of a new National Training Academy. This new modern facility will be an important step in meeting all our training needs for the future. 

At EXCOM this month we held a special discussion on PSES 2017 results and actions being taken across the country. I know harassment remains one of the top concerns and I highly encourage you to take a moment and read the interview with Nathalie Dufresne-Meek. CSC's former Director General of Labour Relations and Workplace Management about all the options available to address workplace harassment.

Thank you all for your hard work and for carrying out your duties in a dedicated and professional manner!




Anne Kelly
Interim Commissioner

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