Dale's Story


At CSC, we use a unique approach for Indigenous corrections called the Aboriginal Continuum of Care. CSC employees and contractors play an important role in guiding and supporting Indigenous offenders. Whether they are Elders and spiritual advisors, Aboriginal liaison officers, Aboriginal correctional program officers, Aboriginal community liaison officers, or Pathways coordinators – just to name a few -, they are all present in our facilities and work closely with Indigenous offenders throughout their healing journeys. 


As a resident of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, and contract employee of CSC, Dale Mosquito has formed a strong relationship with Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge and the female offenders who live there. The healing lodge is situated on Nekaneet First Nation, and offers culturally relevant programs that reflect Indigenous culture where traditional teachings and ceremonies are used to address the needs of Indigenous offenders. One of those programs is the Four Seasons Horse Teachings Program, or Kisinahmatoowin, which Dale delivers four times per year to offenders.


The program provides participants with therapeutic contact with the horses and the development of new skills required to care for the horses, the barn, and the grounds. Results of the program have been shown to positively contribute to healing and personal growth for the offenders who participate.

We recently met with Dale to talk more about his program. Enjoy.


*Section 84 applies to offenders who want to serve their eventual conditional or statutory release in an Indigenous community, or in an urban area with the support and direction of an Indigenous organization. It also applies to offenders who are subject to long-term supervision orders (LTSOs).


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Saw the clip here from Dale .Wondering how many horses are used in this healing process . Also where do they get the hay to feed them from .Donations ?


depending on what other horses are being used for ranch duties by other members of his family, 4 or 5 will be brought on site for this program and as a horse owner/caretaker, you bring your own feed for your horses. M-F they will be taken care of by contract staff of this program, wknd's participants are given that responsibility to check on horses for wknd, water/feed.