Dorchester Penitentiary Wellness Committee wants to show the world we are all in this together!

As an act of solidarity and an inspiration of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, over the next few days the Dorchester Penitentiary Wellness Committee will be offering all local staff a blue silicone wristband with the inscription “WE WILL BE OK - ÇA VA BIEN ALLER”.


The “WE WILL BE OK” slogan is part of a movement around the world inspiring hope amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The color blue was inspired by a Facebook post by a fellow Dorchester Penitentiary employee, Correctional Manager Shaun Benson, who displayed blue lights outside his home as a sign of respect and gratitude for all essential workers who are required to work during this unprecedented period in our lives. 


The Wellness Committee wants to ensure all employees, on site and at home, receive one free wristband. As such, off site employees should reserve their wristband by sending an email to the committee. Additional wristbands can also be made at a cost of $5 each.


All proceeds will either be returned to the Dorchester Penitentiary Wellness Committee and/or a donation will be made to a charity related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Like you would do with other jewelry, rings or watches etc. please ensure to wash your wristbands every time you wash your hands and often! The wristbands are made with silicone exactly for that purpose! If you don’t want to wear it now, then you can always save it for later!


Way to go, Dorchester Penitentiary Wellness Committee! Your positive outlook and thoughtful initiative are very much appreciated.  

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