Frontline Communications Survey


This spring, in an effort to improve internal communications at CSC, Chelsey Donohue and Amanda Gordon, both Communications Advisors, did a short survey of frontline staff in CSC’s institutions to get their feedback on how communication works – or doesn’t work – at CSC. The idea for this initiative came from our Blueprint 2020 Communications Ginger Group, with Chelsey and Amanda seeing it through. 


Frontline workers at CSC spend a lot of time away from their computers during shifts. They are often walking the ranges, or working one on one with offenders as part of their correctional plans. Sitting down and reading emails from National Headquarters or Regional Headquarters isn’t always easy for them to do, especially when their inboxes are jam-packed as it is. That’s why reaching out to them was so important. They form over 44% of our workforce at CSC, and if we aren’t reaching them, we are missing out on a large portion of our target audience. 


Want to know how it all worked out? Read on!


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2015 Frontline Survey

What happens when CSC’s Communications and Engagement Sector reaches out to frontline staff about internal communications? This…

350 people from 37 institutions participated in our 11-questions survey

How are you communicated with?

How do you want to be communicated with?

Do you read our internal communications products?

What do you want to read about?

Staff were invited to respond in the manner of their choice for convenience (Paper/Sharepoint)

Results will be used to develop an internal communications strategy and products for CSC staff.

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