High Performing at CSC


Throughout the course of this report, we have shown you concrete examples of everyday excellence, innovation, and collaboration taking place across our organization. We have demonstrated the pride our employees have in the work they do for CSC and for Canadians as a whole, and we have highlighted ways in which our employees care about and want to help one another. We are proud of what is happening at CSC and of what we accomplish on a daily basis in the interest of public safety. Curious what that looks like? Check it out.




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CSC is run by its employees - 18,000 plus of them

85% work in institutions or communities. 42% are correctional officers. 14% are parole and programs officers. Others include nurses, psychologists, trades people, human resources advisors, financial advisors, and more.

Changing Lives. Protecting Canadians.

Responsible for ...

22,958 offenders


CSC is responsible for the management of 43 institutions, 92 parole and sub-parole offices, and 15 community correctional centres. CSC also manages four healing lodges (included in the 43 institutions) and works in partnership with Aboriginal communities to support the reintegration of Aboriginal offenders back into the community.

Fiscal 2014-2015 Successes

96% of target staff trained in the Fundamentals of Mental Health

74.1% of offenders secured community employment prior to their release

Improved offender education results every year for the past six years

Over 4,000 offenders earned more than 2.2 million hours of on-the-job skills training through institutional employment

More than 1700 Canadians engaged through outreach activities

78% of offenders received mental health screening within prescribed timeframes

Increased community employment rate of 64.5% vs. 59.3% five years ago

Significantly improved wait times for offenders to begin programs

The rate of serious convictions on supervision has continued to decrease over the past five years

Enhanced community engagement to support victims of crime

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