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CSC’s intranet (the InfoNet) was sitting on an outdated content management system for years. It had been slowly breaking down and we eventually got word that the server it was on would be decommissioned. As a result, we needed to move it to a new platform. 

An intranet renewal team was formed to tackle this massive undertaking. The team proposed doing more than just migrating the old content to the new system. In light of Web renewal across the Government of Canada, they felt it made more sense to re-organize and rewrite the content that will go on the new platform.

The new intranet will be organized by task and topic, not sector. It will also be re-written in plain language so that the information is useful and accessible. Overall, the new site will be a fresh, clean, and modern authoritative source for internal information at CSC.

How is the team tackling this project? Here’s a glimpse! 




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How to rebuild an intranet site

Tackling a project as big as this one is a challenge, but CSC's Intranet Renewal Team is on course to deliver a high quality product in 2017. Their success will come from a solid team, a thorough consultation process with staff, and a flexible and modern work environment for the team.

Form a great team

To build an intranet that is useful to all staff, you need a team that represents all staff. CSC's Intranet Renewal Team is made up of employees from all regions and sectors of the organization.

Engage your target audience

Make sure you're giving them what they want! Talk to staff, involve them in the process, and benefit from their input and expertise. Example? The Intranet Renewal Team hosted a naming contest for the intranet. They received 415 responses, and the winner was the Hub.

Create a modern work environment

A modern product deserves a modern approach. That's why members of the Intranet Renewal Team work one day a week at home to write in peace, stay in touch with one another via GCConnex, WebEX, and video conferences, and use InfoPoint to keep track of work and progress.

Market, market, market

You don't want to create just any old intranet, right? You want to create an intranet that has style and appeal. Brand yourself and market it! The Intranet Renewal Team has created a mascot for the Hub - meet Hubert.

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