Inmate Welfare Committee at Drumheller Institution organize charitable donation during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inmate Welfare Committee (IWC) at Drumheller Institution decided they wanted to do something to help the local community. The IWC recognized the harsh limitations and challenges that families were having during this time, especially single mothers, when dealing with having adequate food, clothing and shelter and decided they wanted to collect money to assist those most vulnerable. The IWC collected over $720 to give to the Emergency Women’s Shelter in Calgary, Alberta to help aid in the great work they do in the community. The support at Drumheller Institution from both staff and inmates to this initiative has been overwhelming and has encouraged other future charity endeavours. The IWC said it was a great privilege to be part of this extremely positive initiative to giving those in need.


A big thank you to the IWC for organizing and to all those that participated and contributed to making this project a huge success!

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Thank you IWC, and Staff!