The James A. Murphy Award of Excellence for 2018

Since 2003, Lori Ebbesen, this year’s recipient of the James A. Murphy Award of Excellence, has been an active, engaged member of CACs, both regionally and nationally. An advocate in the Prairie region for enhancing the role of CACs in supporting CSC’s mandate, Lori’s dedication and commitment to public safety has served as a positive motivator for others and made her an effective leader.

Some highlights of her tireless work with CACs include developing the strategic plan for CSC’s Regional Victim Advisory Committee (VAC) and her work on the Humanitarian Contribution to CSC’s mission, values and goals. She has also held multiple positions, including Chairperson of the National Executive Committee and Chairperson, Regional Council, Prairies. We thank Lori for all her crucial work with CACs over the last 15 years, and congratulate her on her well-deserved recognition!

William Dickson, an eight-year CAC veteran from the Pacific region who was nominated for this year’s Excellence Award, has been an advocate for the development and use of transferrable skills for inmates. For instance, William participated in the Buddy Benches Program, wherein CAC volunteers provided offenders at local institutions with lumber and wood to make benches for elementary schools. Children seeking companionship are encouraged to rest at the bench, signaling their desire for friendship. With such initiatives, it’s clear that William’s dedication to encouraging applicable skills for inmates highlights the social conscience of the restorative justice approach. We thank William for his inspiring, meaningful work, and look forward to highlighting it again in the future.

The Newfoundland Citizen Advisory Committee was also nominated for this year’s award by the Atlantic region, thanks to a variety of effective, ongoing activities and projects. With eight dedicated members – who collectively total over 90 years of CAC volunteering – the committee is involved in creating gardening projects, offering counsel to CSC on mental health considerations, and consulting on homelessness and its interrelated issues. With a representative body that includes a retired provincial judge, banker, and both parole and correctional officers among its members, the Newfoundland Citizen Advisory Committee is an exemplary demonstration of the good-heartedness and generosity that fuels the CACs.

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