Let’s Talk Express


Let’s Talk has been an important communications tool at CSC since it was first published in December 1975. Printed and bound and sent out to all employees, partners and stakeholders, the publication kept everyone up to date on key happenings at CSC. 


Here at National Headquarters, we have a library of every edition of the publication published since day one. Looking back through them, what stands out is that Let’s Talk was always focused on the people of CSC. Whether they were stories about staff and family picnics at various sites, well-known and respected staff members who were retiring, celebrations of CSC award recipients from across the country, or meaningful and informative glimpses into what different roles at CSC entailed, the vast majority of content was about people. 


Let’s Talk Express is the same. Launched on September 28, it’s a fresh and modern take on the publication, and is filled with stories that interest CSC staff, resonate with them, help them, and encourage them. It showcases their professionalism, their commitment, their pride, and their talent.


The website is interactive thanks to the comment sections included below each article and the “Story Ideas” icon at the bottom of the site, which is a direct link to the Let’s Talk Express team. It is also an external site due to the fact that approximately 44% of our workforce does not have regular access to computers. We chose this route so that the site can be accessed on personal computers and mobile devices, should staff choose that approach. 


The response to the new website has been very positive and we are proud to say it’s ours. 


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