Making positive changes – CSC’s midyear results


The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is making progress on its goals for this fiscal year (2016-17). Each year at the midway point, we take a snapshot of the department’s progress between the usual reporting periods in the spring and fall through the Departmental Plan (formerly known as the Report on Plans and Priorities) and the Departmental Results Report (formerly known as the Departmental Performance Report). This helps us track how we’re doing on key activities like offender reintegration and providing rehabilitative programs to offenders.


We are happy to report we are currently on track to meet or surpass our goals for this year in areas including education, jobs, and offenders successfully staying in the community as law-abiding citizens. Here are some notable highlights: 



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I am a teacher at Collins Bay. We have averaged 100 high school graduates each year for the past nine years. In addition, hundreds of inmates have started College Programs while incarcerated with us. The statistics tell us the better the education, the lower the recidivism rate. I guess the stats don't lie.

Amanda Gordon

Thanks for sharing! We love to share the good news stories about the work you do.