Modernizing Food Services at CSC


Over the course of the past two years, CSC has changed the way it feeds inmates through its Food Services Modernization initiative. This initiative has created a leaner more efficient process for planning, preparing, and serving over 30,000 meals each day with a cost savings of over six million dollars. How? The initiative is made up of the following elements that all work together to streamline food services at CSC:

Policy renewal

The policies supporting food services (e.g. CD880  Food Services) will continue to be revised to reflect changes made to the process. This will create a clear, consistent, and structured approach across the country.

Creating a national menu

Establishing a national menu has made it possible for appropriate nutritional standards to be followed when planning inmate meals and for consistency in offerings to be achieved across all institutions. 

Introduction of national procurement resources

Implementing national supply arrangements and standing offers for purchasing food items has lead to cost savings as well as a user-friendly process for purchasing across the country.

The Food Service Information Management System (FSIMS)

Maintaining up-to-date ingredient inventories, automatically generated shopping lists, and easy access to reports on expenditures and special diet requirements are just some of the benefits of this new system. It’s lean, efficient, and will reduce the workload for many employees. 

The Team

The hard work and dedication of food services personnel has been and remains the essential component of this very important initiative. Despite many challenges, staff at our production and finishing kitchens have ensured that CSC’s inmate population continue to receive quality nutritious meals. 

Centralized cook/chill production centres

The cook/chill process has reduced meal costs and food wastage significantly, and has created a standardized process for food preparation across the country. How does it work? Check it out!

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