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A modern day warrior

Danny Bruno’s Lakeland College experience inspires him to make a difference every day. As a carpentry instructor for The Indigenous Offender Employment Project at the Pê Sâkâstêw Centre, a minimum-security correctional facility, in Mâskwâcîs, Alta. (90 kilometres south of Edmonton), Bruno is equipping ‘adult learners’ with usable skills to transition from incarceration to the working world.

An innovative partnership with BUILD INC

CSC is always exploring new types of partnerships and innovative solutions that can contribute to offenders’ rehabilitation and help them find and maintain employment in the community.

CSC steering in the right direction with accessible van


Patrick (Pat) Avery opens the door of the new Correctional Service Canada (CSC) Ford Transit van with his cell phone. This small action makes doing his job as parole officer supervisor easier

The royal treatment: CSC’s connection to the Queen

This year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, marking her historical 70-year reign. The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has a number of connections with the Queen that are worthy of commemoration.

Doris Fortin’s legacy of innovative women offenders programs


When Doris Fortin started as a correctional officer in 1984, women offenders had the same correctional programs as the men.

A success story from GVI!


During the pandemic, Grand Valley Institution for Women’s social programs department and offender population have been working diligently knitting and crocheting the following items from yarn generously donated from a community member.

Pedalling the wheels of change and giving

Residents at William Head Institution use bike repair skills to give back.

CORCAN builds a COVID-19 self-isolation trailer for the homeless

The pandemic has created unique opportunities for CORCAN to explore new partnerships and innovative designs through its employment program. One such opportunity presented itself in the spring of 2021, when CORCAN partnered with local company Bel-Con Design-Builders to design and construct a COVID-19 self-isolation trailer to accommodate vulnerable and homeless community members in downtown Belleville.

Finding successful ways to engage inmates in the Kent SIU

When Kent Institution Correctional Officer Alice Zador learned how big of a shift in institutional operations the new Structured Intervention Unit (SIU) was, she immediately volunteered to be part of the team working in it.

Meet Jude Clyke: Advocate for change for Black offenders and employees

People. That’s what inspires Jude Clyke to come to work every day. Jude’s lifelong passion and commitment to helping people succeed—both in his community and at work—are why he was recently recognized as the 2021–2022 recipient of the Correctional Service Canada (CSC) Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award.

Working with Black offenders ‘inside’ and out

Three new officers successfully pilot culturally appropriate community.

Eddy Elmer’s webinar vision enabled global conversations about corrections

Eddy Elmer is an extraordinary volunteer with a passion for informing Canadians about corrections. His innovative use of webinars to engage the public earned him the 2022 James A. Murphy Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Award.

For the love of the game

Michelle Foreman is a community parole officer responsible for rural areas in Southern Manitoba. Michelle drives hours to visit offenders, snaking her way along prairie highways. She loves her job, but it’s a change of pace from her other life as a professional basketball player.

Offenders build arena bleachers, skills, and community pride

The little hockey player with the red stick peeked through the glass into the new change room.

Cedarhedge turns 150

Canada’s Penitentiary Museum was once the Kingston Penitentiary warden’s home. It was built by inmate gangs in 1873. It 150 this summer.

William Head inmates give back to the community in creative ways

The workshop at William Head Institution is busy with residents working with their hands. Those who are developing their skills in the shop have the creative freedom to build whatever they can assemble. Many choose to build something for others and give from the heart.

Ethnocultural calendar inspires art and change

The 2023 ethnocultural wall calendar features colourful artwork and thought-provoking poems. Each month’s original art is created by a different incarcerated individual.