Open House at the Regional Mental Health Centre

On February 21, 2018, the Regional Mental Health Centre (RMHC) opened its doors to community partners. Located in the Quebec Region, the RMHC is a multi-level security facility for male inmates who have various mental health needs.  

The open house was organized with community stakeholders to improve existing ties and build new ones. These ties help strengthen community capacity and promote the transition of offenders into the community. Guests to the open house included: 

  • representatives of the provincial health and social services network
  • non-profit community organizations 
  • halfway houses across Quebec 
  • several colleagues from CSC working in the community

At the end of the day, the community guests’ reactions were very positive. This was a great opportunity for them to visit the RMHC and speak with RMHC personnel –  a rewarding experience for both parties. Our guests then attended a presentation on the RMHC and its clientele. Two offenders spoke about their journey at the RMHC, which was appreciated by our visitors. Organizations also had booths set up to show what services they had to offer to RMHC personnel and clientele. We are proud to say that around 85 offenders visited the various booths.

Through these various activities, we raised awareness among our partners about the services offered at the RMHC. We were also able to explain our multidisciplinary approach and the work we do with our clientele. The open house provided our guests with an opportunity to network with other partners in attendance. For offenders, the objective was to learn more about the services offered in the community. This helps to better prepare them for release which, in most cases, is a major source of anxiety.

Without a doubt, the open house at the RMHC was a huge success and the partnerships created during this activity will help RMHC personnel fulfill their and CSC’s mission. 

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