Prairie Region teachers give thanks to our frontline workers

As a team, the Prairie Region chiefs of education and teachers recognize that they are fortunate to have the ability to work from home. Teachers have continued to be busy during this time by building teaching resources, participating in professional development, and updating curriculum tools for the students.

The education staff felt very strongly about finding a way to show gratitude to their essential worker colleagues who have been putting in long hours, adding additional or new duties to their workloads and helping CSC continue its operations under exceptional circumstances.

The chiefs of education invited all teachers in the region to create a thank you project to express gratitude to all the CSC essential workers. They asked teachers to make thank you posters or to tie a blue ribbon outside in acknowledgement of the efforts put forth by their colleagues on the front lines, and to send in pictures of their projects. Participation was over and above what any could have imagined. Some teachers worked with their children to make posters, others created their own thank you, while others took the opportunity to display a blue ribbon on their property. Over 45 pictures rolled in from the Rocky Mountains to the front porches of the grain belt and beyond.

This project is just one example of how CSC staff are feeling and the desire we have to express our gratitude. It can be difficult to feel connected with coworkers when we do not see them every day, but hopefully this project helps share the appreciation and thanks that our teachers have for all those who continue to carry out essential work in the institutions and communities. Special thank you to Pamela Booker, Shelly Sealy-Bill, and Joanne Baird, Regional Chiefs of Education in the Prairie Region, for initiating this wonderful project.

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