Pride at CSC


Ever been at a social event and had someone ask you what you do for a living? When you answer, what kind of reaction do you get? 

For Dr. Susan Poffley, a CSC psychologist and Chief of Mental Health Services at Millhaven Institution, it’s often blank stares. Not because they aren’t interested, but because explaining the complex and dynamic nature of CSC and the work we do is no easy task. But ask an employee if they are proud to work at CSC and the answer is simple:


That would explain why Susan spent hours of her own personal time, with the support of her colleagues (Lydia Coco, Wendy Channell, Laura Laverty, Don Timmons, Brian Murray, and Selina Layne) filming a video about corrections. Working in this field is often a thankless job, but this video highlights the pride that CSC employees have in the work they do, as well as the pride their families have in them for doing it. 

Creating this video came about when Susan and 24 of her colleagues from CSC attended a Leadership for Managers course at St. Lawrence College. One of the modules highlighted the importance of promoting your business. 

Name any major brand out there. Why do you know them? Because you’ve heard their story hundreds of thousands of times over. What is CSC’s story? 

That question got Susan thinking, and inspired her to make this video. Everyone in it works at Millhaven Institution in Ontario or is one of their loved ones. It’s about as grassroots and down to earth as you can get and shows why, despite the challenges they may face, CSC employees get up and go into work each day. 

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Very well done. We need more moments of pride like this one. Thank you.