Six Word Stories


We want to tell CSC’s story in a new and unique way. The “six word stories” approach was promoted by a social media expert at a conference that one of our employees attended, and so we have decided to implement it here at CSC. As we interview people for Let’s Talk stories, we ask them to tell us their six word stories. We like the results so far!


Meachel Chad
Charles Hawes 
Tyler Helm
Celeste Maltais 
Sylvie Soucy
Brandon Hamilton
Eddy Grunig 
Tracey Robinson 
Doug Holsworth 
Jason Warner 
Sylvie Fanasch


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Every day, treat others with kindness!

Amanda Gordon

Thanks for sharing your six word story! 


Helping others succeed is an art.

Amanda Gordon

This is a great one. Thanks for sharing!


Retired 2012; still working as IPO

Amanda Gordon

Thanks for sharing (and for being so committed to the work)!


It's great being in The Service!

Amanda Gordon

Love the positivity Marilyn! Thanks for sharing. 


Life's 25. I've almost completed 30!


Chaplains help them remember their Light.