The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about GBA+

  1. In 1995, the federal government committed to using Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) to advance gender equality in Canada, as part of the ratification of the United Nations’ Beijing Platform for Action.
  2. GBA+ distinguishes between sex, which is based on biological and physiological characteristics, and gender, which is based on socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes.
  3. GBA+ is an analytical tool used to assess the potential impacts of policies, programs, services, and other initiatives on diverse groups of people, taking into account gender and other identity factors. The "plus" in the name means that GBA+ goes beyond gender and includes the examination of other identity factors (e.g. age, education, language, geography, culture and income).
  4. The GBA+ process can be used in your work no matter what your role is in the federal government. The important thing to remember is that this process can be adapted to your work at any point; it is never too early or too late.
  5. A GBA+ Framework consists of six elements which, together, provide a foundation for an organization’s sustainable and systematic use of GBA+.
  6. By using GBA+ throughout the policy, legislative and program development and evaluation cycle, we can identify ways to respond effectively and to track our progress.
  7. Status of Women Canada introduced the Introduction to Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) course in 2012. The introductory online course is the cornerstone of GBA+ training in the federal government. It allows for common language and understanding across departments and agencies. This course was recently updated to include new content, improved accessibility and engaging learning videos.
  8. GBA+ is about good government and is recognized as a key tool for developing effective programs and policies for Canadians. By supporting diversity, innovation and inclusive growth, we are ensuring that Canada is prepared for the next 150 years and beyond.
  9. The Government of Canada is committed to gender equality and GBA+ is a critical tool for achieving that goal. That commitment was put into action with Budget 2017, which includes the first ever Gender Statement as part of a federal budget.
  10. GBA+ is not advocacy for anyone. It is an analytical tool designed to help us ask questions, challenge assumptions, and to identify potential impacts, taking into account the diversity of Canadians.
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