What Blueprint 2020 Means to Me


Blueprint 2020 challenges departments to engage employees in meaningful ways. The Intranet Renewal project team has translated this into action by engaging employees from across the organization in the creation of a modern intranet, designed with the user in mind.

As a Correctional Operations and Programs (COP) Sector representative on the Intranet Renewal Working Group (IRWG), I have seen this initiative unfold and I am impressed by the innovative leadership the project team has taken to foster collaboration.  


At the first IRWG meeting, the project team called upon working group members to be “agents of change” setting the tone for the way forward.

The Hub is a joint initiative and its success is dependent upon the input of those whose needs it is intended to serve. By asking working group members to be ambassadors for the Hub, the project team recognized the valuable contribution that working group members could have in educating their colleagues, creating excitement, and garnering support for the initiative.


The project team has also been leveraging technology in the service of collaboration by using a card sorting software to solicit user input. This technology has allowed them to reach a diverse cross section of the organization and ensure both national and regional representation. What they designed as a result is an information architecture that should make sense to all CSC users.


With an intuitive architecture in place, the project team has now begun collaborating with subject matter experts (SMEs) on developing content for the Hub. As an IRWG representative I have witnessed the project team and COP Sector SMEs learning from each other and drawing on each other’s expertise to produce valuable content. SMEs have been receptive to the Hub and are excited to contribute to the creation of an intranet site that is relevant to users and helps them in their daily work. 


Working with this group of talented and innovative thinkers has been a rewarding experience and I am confident that the final product will result in a much more open and networked environment for all employees. 


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