What Blueprint 2020 Means to Me


“Be the change you want to see in the world” - I live and breathe by this motto, so when I first heard about Blueprint 2020, I had to be a part of it. The way I saw it, if I wasn’t a part of the solution, I could be considered part of the problem. Cliché? Maybe, but I strongly believe that everyone should do their part in making our public service better, in any way they can.  

I have been an employee with CSC for 10 years. I am extremely proud to be a public servant. I have been involved in operations and national headquarters. I have met some of the most wonderful people at CSC and their commonality is this: they all seem to have a tattoo of CSC on their heart. Not literally of course, although one can never know!

Blueprint 2020, to me, is about adapting to our new reality; a reality of change, uncertainty, competitiveness, and advances. Most of my career has been on the frontline working with offenders. It is only recently, while working at National Headquarters, that I had a great opportunity to work in Human Resources. Although I admit I knew short of nothing about the subject, I embraced the challenge and like most public servants, I gave it my all.

I quickly became quite passionate about the idea of helping staff further develop themselves and enhance their feelings of self-worth in order to augment their service delivery to offenders. With this, the idea of Coaching Circles and creating a “Bravo Movement” were born. Both these initiatives embody to me what Blueprint 2020 is all about: networking; engagement; enhancing service-delivery; and a confident, mobilized workforce committed to our common cause. 

The Bravo Movement is about creating a culture change where recognition is constant and common-place, particularly peer-to-peer. Research clearly shows that recognition is a source of motivation and satisfaction, which translates into employee engagement.

Coaching Circles are about creating an opportunity for people to get together, expanding their awareness of issues, discovering solutions, and making and implementing better decisions. Paul Lefebvre has said, "coaching is not about teaching the caterpillar how to fly, it’s about creating an opening for it to see the possibility." Both the Bravo Movement and Coaching Circles will empower people and have a lasting impact on individual personal and professional development. 

Blueprint 2020 is about dreaming big, then working together to develop a feasible plan for making that dream a reality. Our working group has worked tirelessly to develop our proposals and we are just about ready to launch! It is very exciting to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Can’t wait to see our work in practice!


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